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Applying for a Job? Control What You Can. 3 Easy Tips To Get Noticed.

According to the Labor Department 2.5 million jobs were added in the month of May. A big sign of recovering economy but from when the report was released millions more have lost their job. More people that were either laid-off or furlough are being brought back to work in a reduced hours capacity and some have been let go indefinitely.

What does this mean to job seeker? A lot. While the process in which to apply for work has changed dramatically in the last 5 years, our reality moving forward will continue to push the way recruiting is done and how companies hire moving forward.

My predictions based on the current state is that there will be more people seeking full-time employment than will be available, at least while we transition out of covid-19 lock-downs and restrictions. The economy will not bounce back as quickly as it went down. Be prepared for changes because they will continue to come.

What can you do if you are unemployed or looking to transition? Plenty. Below I’ve outlined how to make it easy for Recruiters to identify you as a good candidate and how to network with those in your field for the edge.

1. Resume Optimization

If you haven’t heard of this before, I am shocked! However, if you haven’t I won’t go too hard on you. What does optimize mean? It means you must prepare your resume for every job opportunity. Read the job description because that is the holy grail of how you move forward in the process.

Keep in mind most recruiters need to see that you have done the job responsibilities in the past. Seldom you will find recruiters that can translate your skills to the job they are recruiting for and you must not allow this to be why you don’t move forward. Use this fact to identify the key take ways the recruiter is looking for in the way the job is being described. If you have the experience and it is not written similarly in your resume you are missing a golden opportunity. Take a look at skills, software, processes that are similar to you previous responsibilities and spell it out for the recruiter looking at your resume for those precious 7.4 seconds.

2. LinkedIn Optimized

Similarly, your LinkedIn is your public display. Not all recruiters, hiring managers or HR people work the same.

So, I won’t say everyone looks at your LinkedIn. More often you are probably looking at it more than other people are.

While not everyone will be admiring your entire profile, you will need to have it up to date. Be sure to really sell yourself in the about section. Be sure your headline is powerful and stands out. Include your responsibilities under each role you’ve had and if you were promoted be sure to include it under the one company, don’t create an additional company line. While I’m at it make sure your picture is on point and you have a nice cover photo. Companies that use LinkedIn Recruiter will find you with more ease when they are sourcing. Don’t leave anything to chance and control what you can. How your LinkedIn profile shows up is 100% in your control.

3. Networking

This piece of advice is as old as time. “Good people know good people” is what they say. If you know someone working at your desired company first make sure people like that person. The worst is when you ask someone to help you and on the other end the powers that be look at you with no intention to hire you because just like the good people bit “bad people know bad people” is a thing and you don’t want to get caught in that line of fire. Ask your connection to hook you up with a contact or if your friend is a good employee do an introduction for you.

If you don’t know anyone you will need work at this. Start by connecting with people in your desired company. Make sure to personalize your approach and whatever you do.


Be sure your approach is more subtle and let them know you have experience in x,y,z and can fill roles like (title), (title), (title) in the future. Ask them to connect so they can find you in the future with ease. This should get you an add and a look at your LinkedIn. Don’t blow it by not having a great LinkedIn profile.

There you have it. While the economy is doing what it’s going to do, you are getting ready to stand out. Use this time wisely, even if it’s difficult, and not lose hope. You have experience, you will find a job and things will get better. If your mind goes to the dark side, talk to your family and friends. I also recommend reading/listening to Mel Robbins. She gives you a no nonsense take on fear and talks a lot about growth mindset.

I truly hope you take my tips, read some more, and crush whatever goal you have. Be sure to join my Facebook group How to Crush Your Goals to get inspired, learn a little and be supported by everyone who is crushing goals everyday – no matter what they may be.

If you are looking for more details or need a career coach to help you navigate visit my website RedZone Talent.

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